Mentor With Jake Hicks

Although I regularly run public workshops all over the world, I also run private training events to individual studios and businesses both at home and abroad. If you'd like to discuss the possibility and options of me coming to your studio, to either train yourself or your studio team, please don't hesitate to reach out via my contact page with your ideas.

This bespoke training has the benefit of me addressing your specific needs, in your space and using your equipment. This has proven particularly useful for those looking to focus on specific areas, whether that be advice with posing, portrait lighting or post-production workflows. Please feel free to reach out with your ideas and questions.

If you would prefer to start out with a private video call to get you started off with some actions then here's what we can cover together.

This private video consultation Includes

  • 90 Minutes Live With Jake
  • Recordable so you can rewatch this at any time
  • I will review your online portfolio & provide feedback
  • I will answer questions about marketing & my experience in the industry
  • Answer questions about the Industry & Pricing

You can book follow up sessions with me afterwards or a 3 session package so you can work on the action items we discuss and get follow up advice and feedback. If you are looking for post-production help, you can book my other session and focus on retouching only in Photoshop.


I specialize in colored gel portraits and vivid, highly saturated photography. To get the most out of the session, your work should have colored gel use so that I can critique and provide guidance on areas to improve. Your work must also be somewhere online so that I may view your images or portfolio to give you adequate feedback.