Mentor with Jonny Edward

This is an open-ended mentoring session wherein the focus is on you; your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Potential subjects include reviewing your portfolio, deconstructing your brand, defining or refining your aesthetic & visual-voice, lighting (studio or location), post-processing|editing|workflow, concept development, team building, or artistic evolution - addressing obstacles that are holding you back, both internal and external.

You'll walk away from this session with newfound insight and appreciation, both for your work|art and yourself as an artist|creator. Additionally, you'll receive an actionable game-plan of where and how to focus your attention and effort(s).moving forward, to take your art, expression, and/or business to the next level.

Mentoring sessions include:

  • 60 minutes live with me.
  • Recorded; revisit and review, whenever you'd like.
  • A wholly customized session, specific to you as an individual, artist, and entrepreneur.
  • QA | This is an interactive session where you are the focal point. You are encouraged to ask questions--come prepared!

*For portfolio reviews:an online portfolio is required, in order to participate in a session. Social media is acceptable, but an actual website much preferred.

*For editing/processing reviews: please be prepared to either edit, in real-time, during our session or have an appropriate PSD available for me to review.