Kelly Robitaille


Sudbury, Canada


Conceptual Photography
Surreal Photography


Kelly Robitaille is a Canadian based commercial retoucher and photographer. Her deep skills as a retouching artist has her working for clients around the globe. Kelly is widely known for her "Whimsical Waif" portrait series which feature exaggerated body forms and large unnatural features. Her non traditional approach to portraits and retouching have given her a unique and instantly recognizable look. Kelly uses photography as a base canvas to help bring her concepts in to reality and feels that story telling is a huge part of the creation process.

"Create Without Fear, Take Pride In Rejection and Give Without Expectation. Just Because You Don't Fit Into The Mould, Doesn't Mean You Can't Make Your Own" -K.R

-60 minutes live with Kelly

-Recorded so you can view later

-Review of portfolio or selected work

-One image walk through

-Q&A ask me anything!

60 mins