Elizabeth Wiseman


Knoxville, United States of America


BFA and MA from the University of Tennessee


Elizabeth Wiseman is a ten+ year veteran of the fashion and commercial photography industry. When not actively shooting for national brands, Wiseman enjoys mentorship and teaching. Over her career, wiseman has taught workshops and created a thorough fashion photography tutorial with the education platform PRO EDU. Her teaching often focuses on her approach to model testing, monetizing fashion photography in small markets, and building a profit-minded fashion and commercial portfolio. This however, is not an exhaustive list of subjects that are possible to explore in a mentorship session. Wiseman's unique and detailed communication style guides students through specific steps they can use to feel more inspired in their unique circumstances and secure greater profits going forward.

Whether you are a fashion, lifestyle, or commercial photographer, Elizabeth Wiseman will look through your website live and offer feedback, constructive criticism and suggestions for growth and development. There will be lots of opportunity for conversation and questions throughout.

60 mins