Mentor with Cheryl Walsh

Buying a printer doesn't guarantee you successful printing just like buying a camera doesn't make you a photographer.


Inkjet printing is one of the least intuitive, most complex, frustrating, secret-filled processes in all of digital photography. Photographers printing their own work is the most important topic in digital photography today and yet it’s rarely taught. We absolutely have the technology with our software, printers, inks and papers to control this entire process and make museum quality prints, in one print, without wasting ink and paper. All we have been missing is the education. After years of study and printing my own photographs I have become an industry insider with a wealth of knowledge and can teach you how to create your own prints better than any professional lab, saving you time and money. 


I can help you understand the steps necessary to make a perfect print with consistent, reliable, repeatable results.


The Six Steps to Consistently Creating a Perfect Print:


Step 1 -Monitors

Step 2 -Calibrating your monitor

Step 3 -Inkjet paper and other printable media

Step 4 -Custom and manufacturers' ICC profiles

Step 5 -Printers - pigment vs dye, models and manufacturers 

Step 6 -Lighting for viewing your prints


One To One Live format is entirely up to you and your individual needs. 


In one hour I can answer your specific questions and help you with your system AND/OR give you a general overview of each topic. Or we can take a deep dive into whichever of the steps you need help with. I’m here to help you and my goal is to make you successful at digital inkjet printing. 


A fully comprehensive Live One To One on all 6 steps to consistently creating a perfect print would take between 3 and 4 hours for an intermediate digital photography student.


A basic understanding of digital photography file handing on a computer.