Mentor w/ Sef McCullough

Book a 1-to-1 session with Commercial Retoucher and Digital Artist Sef McCullough to discuss challenges you're facing in the world of retouching, art, and business.

Bring your own subjects to the table, or choose from some of these areas:

Portfolio Review: Show your work, get honest feedback. More than just a review, Sef can give advice on how to craft the message behind your portfolio. Maybe you even need more than one...

Business Strategy: Don't know how to price yourself, find, or talk to clients? Having difficulty negotiating with a current client? Sef can coach you on his real world practices and even give advice for dealing with clients you're working with right now.

Retouching Workflow: A review of your overall retouching process, and how to optimize it.

Photoshop Techniques: "Am I doing this right? Is there a better way?" Show examples of how you use tools/techniques in PS and get advice from a working pro.

Layered File Best Practices: A well thought-out file is the key to quality and the ability to respond to client feedback. Sef has had his hands on thousands of layered files and knows what to look out for.

1-to-1 sessions are a great companion to Sef's library of full-length tutorials at Pro Edu, whether you're a subscriber and have watched many or are just trying to figure out which one to watch first.

Another great supplement is Sef's page where you can see all of the equipment he uses in his work and why.

See some of his work here:

@sefmccullough on Instagram


Sef meets you right where you're at, whether absolute beginner or already proficient and just needing that extra level-up. Sef has mentored artists of all levels.

If you have any files you'd like Sef to review in more detail, make sure they're uploaded to a cloud service before your session.