Mastering An Efficient Workflow With Dani Diamond

When it comes to online mentoring, Dani works one on one with each individual. This is an opportunity to learn Dani's latest methods including his updated toning techniques.Generally, the participant will choose his or her own portrait to work on or one of Dani’s own photos. The team will work on multiple portraits throughout the session.

For those who aren't familiar with Dani's workflow:

The process is simple. The workshop begins with Camera Raw. In Camera Raw, Dani teaches all the basic adjustments necessary to create a proper foundation for the Photoshop edits to be mind-blowing. Once in Photoshop, he covers all the retouching steps including cleanup, frequency separation, color grading, fixing common issues in portraits and final touches to make the photo pop. He also teaches his popular skin toning.

Both notes and an action are provided to help clarify and speed up the retouching process and workflow in the future.


If you're familiar with Dani's workflow, this is an opportunity for Dani to answer any questions you have, review your work or show you his latest toning methods.

If you're not familiar with his workflow this is a great opportunity to learn it! The 1on1 will be tailored to your level of knowledge with Photoshop.