Clay Cook


United States of America



With coaching, it's my mission to help each and every learner to become the artisan they want to be, therefore raising the standard of the industry with better business strategies and better storytelling. If you're stuck photographing weddings or headshots and want to work in the editorial, advertising and entertainment field, than this is the 1-to-1 for you.


  • General Business Strategy for Commercial Photography
  • General Marketing Strategy for Commercial Photography
  • Navigating The New Normal After COVID-19
  • General Commercial Production Formalities.
  • Branding & Identity
  • Email Marketing
  • Promo Marketing
  • Commercial Photography Estimation
  • Client Interaction & Building A Treatment
  • Portfolio Review
  • Website Review


  • Understanding you and your personal life
  • Understanding your level of knowledge and experience
  • Understanding your current market value
  • Understanding your time and resources
  • Understanding your weaknesses and emphasizing strengths
  • Understanding the value of your talent and imagination


Photographer, Clay Cook, has learned the importance of going the extra mile, after a long, arduous run in the music business. As a result, his wisdom, field experience and work ethic has pushed him further into an inspiring career in Advertising and Editorial photography.

Over a short period of time, Clay has shaped creative projects with brands such as: A&E, History, Lifetime, Comcast, Uproxx, Livestrong, NFL, Papa John's Pizza and Vince Camuto. In addition, he has brought to life, worldwide assignments for publications such as National Geographic, Time, Forbes, Popular Mechanics, The Guardian and W Magazine.

60 mins