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Live 1-to-1

Book a 1-to-1 session with Commercial Retoucher and Digital Artist Sef McCullough to discuss challenges you're facing in the world of retouching, art, and business.

Bring your own subjects to the table, or choose from some of these areas:

Portfolio Review: Show your work, get honest feedback. More than just a review, Sef can give advice on how to craft the message behind your portfolio. Maybe you even need more than one...

Business Strategy: Don't know how to price yourself, find, or talk to clients? Having difficulty negotiating with a current client? Sef can coach you on his real world practices and even give advice for dealing with clients you're working with right now.

Retouching Workflow: A review of your overall retouching process, and how to optimize it.

Photoshop Techniques: "Am I doing this right? Is there a better way?" Show examples of how you use tools/techniques in PS and get advice from a working pro.

Layered File Best Practices: A well thought-out file is the key to quality and the ability to respond to client feedback. Sef has had his hands on thousands of layered files and knows what to look out for.

1-to-1 sessions are a great companion to Sef's library of full-length tutorials at Pro Edu, whether you're a subscriber and have watched many or are just trying to figure out which one to watch first.

Another great supplement is Sef's page where you can see all of the equipment he uses in his work and why.

See some of his work here:

@sefmccullough on Instagram

30 mins

This mentor session is an open session where you can ask for portfolio reviews, questions about your lightning setups, or retouching issues. 

Session includes:

90 minutes live with me

Recorded so you can view it again after

Reviewing your online portfolio / website and providing feedback

Walkthrough of your PSD files

Answer any questions about my experience in the industry

90 mins

Get 3 mentor sessions to use over the next 12 months to put your action items into place and get continual feedback on your work, portfolio, and creative input from Gemmy.

Package of 3

For an artist, good critique can be one of the most valuable parts of growth. Sometimes an outsiders perspective can be the jumpstart to help us try something new or guide us in the right direction. In a one-on-one portfolio review, we can focus on whatever is most helpful to you: storytelling, lighting, post-production, business, marketing, etc.

Portfolio review sessions include:

  • 60 minutes live with me
  • Recorded so you can view it again after
  • Reviewing your online portfolio / website and providing feedback
  • Answer any questions about my experience in the industry

You can book one session at a time or a three session package to allow you to build on what we discussed and continue to evaluate your progress.

60 mins

Get the 3 mentor session package with Chris Knight and grow your brand with Chris' advice overtime.

Package of 3

Live 1-to-1 mentorship program for Real Estate, Interiors, or Architectural Photographers. In this 90 minute open session we'll discuss any struggles that you're currently facing in your business or with your general workflow. My goal is to provide practical advice to support your growth and development so you can become a more successful photographer! All sessions are recorded so you can re-watch as much as you want!

Sessions may include:

  • How to Attract Clients
  • What Gear to Use + Why
  • Estimating + Licensing
  • Composition + Lighting Techniques
  • How to Transition from Shooting Real Estate to Interior Design
  • Lightroom + Photoshop
  • Advanced Isolation + Color Workflow
  • Compositing + Blending Exposures
  • Website / Portfolio Review
90 mins

This 1-to-1 portfolio review provides an opportunity for Real Estate, Interiors or Architecture Photographers to receive honest and objective feedback on their work. During this 30 minute session, we’ll review your images and/or website — the goal is to advise you on your approach, your technique and what direction you could take to improve your work!

30 mins

With coaching, it's my mission to help each and every learner to become the artisan they want to be, therefore raising the standard of the industry with better business strategies and better storytelling. If you're stuck photographing weddings or headshots and want to work in the editorial, advertising and entertainment field, than this is the 1-to-1 for you.


  • General Business Strategy for Commercial Photography
  • General Marketing Strategy for Commercial Photography
  • Navigating The New Normal After COVID-19
  • General Commercial Production Formalities.
  • Branding & Identity
  • Email Marketing
  • Promo Marketing
  • Commercial Photography Estimation
  • Client Interaction & Building A Treatment
  • Portfolio Review
  • Website Review


  • Understanding you and your personal life
  • Understanding your level of knowledge and experience
  • Understanding your current market value
  • Understanding your time and resources
  • Understanding your weaknesses and emphasizing strengths
  • Understanding the value of your talent and imagination


Photographer, Clay Cook, has learned the importance of going the extra mile, after a long, arduous run in the music business. As a result, his wisdom, field experience and work ethic has pushed him further into an inspiring career in Advertising and Editorial photography.

Over a short period of time, Clay has shaped creative projects with brands such as: A&E, History, Lifetime, Comcast, Uproxx, Livestrong, NFL, Papa John's Pizza and Vince Camuto. In addition, he has brought to life, worldwide assignments for publications such as National Geographic, Time, Forbes, Popular Mechanics, The Guardian and W Magazine.

60 mins

Get exclusive access to Peter Hurley with this 1 hour headshot open session for portfolio reviews, posting questions, pricing info and anything you can think of.

60 mins

After graduating from Business school, Dani applied everything he learned to successfully making a living shooting what he loves. In this 1on1 you will get get a rare opportunity to learn how Dani operates his Photography as a business. Gain knowledge in marketing, charging clients, budgeting and managing your income. Dani will also dive into creating a lifestyle that will give you the ultimate freedom and flexibility by building the most efficient workflow (communicating with clients, booking shoots, location scouting, getting models and post workflow of a shoot).

90 mins

When it comes to online mentoring, Dani works one on one with each individual. This is an opportunity to learn Dani's latest methods including his updated toning techniques.Generally, the participant will choose his or her own portrait to work on or one of Dani’s own photos. The team will work on multiple portraits throughout the session.

For those who aren't familiar with Dani's workflow:

The process is simple. The workshop begins with Camera Raw. In Camera Raw, Dani teaches all the basic adjustments necessary to create a proper foundation for the Photoshop edits to be mind-blowing. Once in Photoshop, he covers all the retouching steps including cleanup, frequency separation, color grading, fixing common issues in portraits and final touches to make the photo pop. He also teaches his popular skin toning.

Both notes and an action are provided to help clarify and speed up the retouching process and workflow in the future.

90 mins

Although I regularly run public workshops all over the world, I also run private training events to individual studios and businesses both at home and abroad. If you'd like to discuss the possibility and options of me coming to your studio, to either train yourself or your studio team, please don't hesitate to reach out via my contact page with your ideas.

This bespoke training has the benefit of me addressing your specific needs, in your space and using your equipment. This has proven particularly useful for those looking to focus on specific areas, whether that be advice with posing, portrait lighting or post-production workflows. Please feel free to reach out with your ideas and questions.

If you would prefer to start out with a private video call to get you started off with some actions then here's what we can cover together.

This private video consultation Includes

  • 90 Minutes Live With Jake
  • Recordable so you can rewatch this at any time
  • I will review your online portfolio & provide feedback
  • I will answer questions about marketing & my experience in the industry
  • Answer questions about the Industry & Pricing

You can book follow up sessions with me afterwards or a 3 session package so you can work on the action items we discuss and get follow up advice and feedback. If you are looking for post-production help, you can book my other session and focus on retouching only in Photoshop.

90 mins

Book 3 mentor sessions with Jake Hicks and set up a mentorship with your photography business.

Package of 3

My focus in photography is utilizing color to help tell stories. My mentoring sessions will help you to explore your own narratives and refine your color grading skills to facilitate your storytelling. 

Your one on one mentoring session will focus on one of the following:

-portfolio or specific in depth image review, focusing on storytelling and color.

-step by step walk through guidance of image color grading in Photoshop 

-creative concept development. I will help you come up with or further explore creative ideas and help you put together an action plan to execute (including lighting and set design) based on your budget

90 mins

In the 3 session package, we will build on the initial session to include the following: follow up image review after initial consultation, review of additional imagery, review of concept execution, and assistance with concept post production.

Package of 3

Get 3 sessions with Sef McCullough and watch your retouching portfolio grow over time.

Package of 3

-60 minutes live with Kelly

-Recorded so you can view later

-Review of portfolio or selected work

-One image walk through

-Q&A ask me anything!

60 mins

Get 3 sessions with Kelly Robitaille and get your portfolio reviewed, retouching feedback, and everything in between.

Package of 3

Buying a printer doesn't guarantee you successful printing just like buying a camera doesn't make you a photographer.


Inkjet printing is one of the least intuitive, most complex, frustrating, secret-filled processes in all of digital photography. Photographers printing their own work is the most important topic in digital photography today and yet it’s rarely taught. We absolutely have the technology with our software, printers, inks and papers to control this entire process and make museum quality prints, in one print, without wasting ink and paper. All we have been missing is the education. After years of study and printing my own photographs I have become an industry insider with a wealth of knowledge and can teach you how to create your own prints better than any professional lab, saving you time and money. 


I can help you understand the steps necessary to make a perfect print with consistent, reliable, repeatable results.


The Six Steps to Consistently Creating a Perfect Print:


Step 1 -Monitors

Step 2 -Calibrating your monitor

Step 3 -Inkjet paper and other printable media

Step 4 -Custom and manufacturers' ICC profiles

Step 5 -Printers - pigment vs dye, models and manufacturers 

Step 6 -Lighting for viewing your prints


One To One Live format is entirely up to you and your individual needs. 


In one hour I can answer your specific questions and help you with your system AND/OR give you a general overview of each topic. Or we can take a deep dive into whichever of the steps you need help with. I’m here to help you and my goal is to make you successful at digital inkjet printing. 


A fully comprehensive Live One To One on all 6 steps to consistently creating a perfect print would take between 3 and 4 hours for an intermediate digital photography student.

60 mins

Book 3 sessions with Cheryl now and make a plan for your fine art printing!

Package of 3

Interested in help growing your business? Mastering your craft? Sourcing products? Or are you just starting out and searching for answers? Regardless of where you are in your photography journey, I would love to help you take your work to the next level! I have been teaching workshops and privately mentoring fellow artists for years and I’m excited to now offer online mentorships. We will start with a 60-minute session, tailored to focus on the areas of your business you’d like to grow.

60 mins

Get 3 sessions with Jai and up your Luxe portraits, business, posing and everything in between.

Package of 3

This is an open-ended mentoring session wherein the focus is on you; your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Potential subjects include reviewing your portfolio, deconstructing your brand, defining or refining your aesthetic & visual-voice, lighting (studio or location), post-processing|editing|workflow, concept development, team building, or artistic evolution - addressing obstacles that are holding you back, both internal and external.

You'll walk away from this session with newfound insight and appreciation, both for your work|art and yourself as an artist|creator. Additionally, you'll receive an actionable game-plan of where and how to focus your attention and effort(s).moving forward, to take your art, expression, and/or business to the next level.

Mentoring sessions include:

  • 60 minutes live with me.
  • Recorded; revisit and review, whenever you'd like.
  • A wholly customized session, specific to you as an individual, artist, and entrepreneur.
  • QA | This is an interactive session where you are the focal point. You are encouraged to ask questions--come prepared!
60 mins

Get your fashion plan in order with portfolio reviews, business advice and everything in between with this 3 session package from Jonny.

Package of 3

This one-on-one portfolio review is designed explicitly to discuss and review your retouching skills, presentation, and workflow. Get advice on the best way of approaching your retouching projects.

From beginning to end, your approach to your retouching needs to be at the front of your mind, not an afterthought. Learn to see the mistakes before you are frustrated, staring at the monitor. 

Retouching one-on-one sessions include:

  • 60 minutes live with Lisa
  • Recorded so you can view it again after
  • Review of your selected body of work
  • Answer any questions about my experience and techniques
60 mins

Book 3 sessions now and create an action plan with Lisa Carney.

Package of 3

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